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My landlord here in Colombia is a professional photographer. So if anyone living in Bogota reads this blog, come check it out. She has a studio inside the house and she even took some pictures of me last week, so I can be her "official advertiser." Haha. Anyways, I attached a few pictures along with Cata's contact info if any of you are interested.


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Back in BOG

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Hello again to everyone who reads this blog! It's been quite awhile since I last wrote here. Well, I've now been back in Bogota for about two weeks. Unfortunately, after seeing my family, friends, and Matt, it was a very difficult transition returning to life on my own in Colombia. However, school started last week and things are looking up.

Last week at school, we went through many many meetings. We found out that this grading period is only about 20 days, even shorter than the last period. I don't know how they expect us to teach or for the students to learn, but oh well. I go with the flow!

Some of my friends from my college in the States, Loras College, are Colombian and are back here with their families for their winter break. It's been great hanging out with them and getting back in touch. Last night, two of my Colombian friends Diana and Ale, and another friend of ours from Loras (who is actually Peruvian) all went out to Bogota Beer Company and then dancing. Diana was my roommate last year, and it was fun seeing her here at her home. Last night really got me out of my funk of missing home. Without a doubt, I still miss it, but I know that I need to take advantage of the short time I have here.

Anyways, Bogota Beer Company (BBC) was a great time to catch up on Loras gossip and also to talk about the gossip from the school I'm teaching at since that's where my friends graduated from. The dance club afterwards was not conducive to talking, but dance we did! There was no room whatsoever to move (definitely not up to fire code), but it was a cool place (an open roof and lots of disco balls) with great music (i.e. salsa, reggaeton, and minimal techno). Needless to say, since I arrived home at around 3 in the morning, I slept until 1 this afternoon. I love weekends.

Back to school for real next week and I'm anxious to see my students again. I may be going to see Bogota's famous Museo de Oro (gold museum) next weekend, so be looking for an update!

Miss you and love you all

Besos y abrazos : )


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I'll be home for Christmas...

you can count on me!

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School is finished Friday, and I'll be on a flight home to Chicago on Saturday! I cannot wait if you can't tell. I love it here but with the combination of work stress, a new culture and language, and loneliness it is time for a break at home.

Hopefully after living with snow and cold for a month, I'll be ready to come back here in January for my final two semesters of teaching...back to 50 and 60 degrees! However, I think it will be harder to come back here than I think it will. At least this time when I fly to Bogota, I'll know what I'm going into. In August, I was completely overwhelmed.

Anyways, I am really looking forward to seeing family, friends, and Matt especially. A much needed break.

Besides a break from school and life abroad in general, not much else is new. I have started to think about my life after Colombia, and have pretty much decided that I would like to continue teaching. And since I don't have my teaching license, I will have to go back to school. So applications are being sent to Loyola, St. Xavier in Chicago, and possibly Valporaiso and University of Indianapolis for a Masters in Secondary Education and Initial Teaching Licensure. Cross your fingers! Going back to school will definitely be interesting, but I know I have a lot to learn about teaching. Trial by fire was a very effective method, although very frustrating at times :) and now I'm ready to learn some new teaching tools.

I'll try and get an update or two about life and Christmas at home, but if not, I'll see you all again in January!


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Not quite Egyptian pyramids

and a blessed Thanksgiving to all...

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This link that I am posting below is from the BBC website. It's a first hand take on the money pyramids that have just bottomed out in Colombia. Many people, mostly poor families, have been placing their money (sometimes all of their savings, or even money they borrow) into these "investment companies" that promise to return double (or more) of what the people put in (I'm not sure what these companies do, but they are possibly drug dealers or something similar, that need fast cash and can afford to give more back to people later). For someone who is struggling to make ends meet, this investment probably sounds like a great idea. And I have heard of many people who did get what was promised, and bought new TVs or stereos, etc. However, a few weeks ago, these companies started having problems. There was such a high demand, and they didn't have enough supply. So while some people only lost some money, others lost their entire life savings, or money that wasn't even theirs. Three people have killed themselves because of this. It's really sad and unfortunate.

On my walk to work, about a block from my house, I started noticing (about a month ago) people lining up around the block waiting to get in this nondescript building. I wondered what it was, but didn't really think much of it. Now all of the storefronts like this have been barricaded and guarded by police for a week. Anyways, this link from BBC shows a first hand account from someone who only invested a small amount of money.


I heard a joke today from a Colombian co-worker of mine. He said,

Q: "What is the difference between Egyptian pyramids and Colombian pyramids?"

A: The Egyptian pyramids were built by camels and the Colombian pyramids were built by hogs.

So although people can joke about it, it's still a hard reality to know that people have lost all of their savings, and now have even more problems than they already did.

Anyways, on this Thanksgiving, I am thankful to be blessed with more than enough resources, a stable government, and loving people as family and friends : )

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Although I had a very long week of work, Friday made it all worth it. My students sang happy birthday to me in every class I had. My homeroom at the end of the day surprised me with cake and a gift. And at night I went out dancing with friends. I started my night at Alex and Natalie's house for cake and pizza. Their family also gave me a concert ticket to see Maroon 5 with them this coming Thursday! I'm super excited. After eating, we traveled downtown to Quiebracanto, a salsa dancing bar. It was great to be able to dance to salsa music all night instead of being interupted by techno all the time. I had an awesome time. Here are some pictures from the night. Thanks to all for celebrating with me!!

Me, Alex, Natis, and Paula with the cake.


Me dancing with Alex's boyfriend, Nico



With Cally, her friend, and Andresito


Me and Alex


Alex and Nico showing everyone how its done. : )




And now, I'm 23. So old!


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